Learning to speak English - One last time

Company changes bring challenges

Like many Spanish people, Raul found that changes in his company 18 months ago meant that he had to suddenly attend frequent meetings and even more frequent conference calls with colleagues whose English level is much better than his.
He had been learning English all his life. He knew a lot of grammar and a lot of words, but he needed to be more fluent, more confident, less easily embarrassed or intimidated and to make fewer mistakes. Quickly.

Based on past experience, traditional classes were not going to produce the kind of results he wanted, and not in the time frame that he wanted.

Apart from all that, he works in a modern company where people are running many tasks at the same time. They are frequently in meetings or travelling. Their schedule is constantly changing. Time is in short supply and rigid timetables are just not realistic. He also has a family to consider.

One last try

Raul was ready to make one last try. He felt that he had no more time to waste on group classes or on one-to-one classes that don’t cover the subjects or the language that he needed and where he was corrected infrequently and ineffectively, or never at all! He knew he was still making the same basic mistakes!

He had heard about the possibility of improving his English via telephone conversation classes but had a few doubts. He was mainly concerned that it would be too difficult for him and that he would miss the physical presence of his teacher.

His colleague and friend Eva had been in a similar position 3 years previously and she managed to persuade him to follow the intensive Flexi PhonePill solution and what a discovery it was!

Here is what he had to say recently when we spoke with him at the end of his most recent PhonePill pack:

Raul's discoveries

“When HR enrolled me they explained that average attendance was over 90% and they expected me to attain a similar level. I have to say, I didn’t think I’d be able to achieve that as I am really busy, and based on past experiences it didn’t seem realistic.
However, the most immediate advantage for me with Flexi PhonePill was the total flexibility to choose the days and times for my sessions from one session to the next, Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 20:30. So, I actually ended up with 95% attendance quite easily!

The next advantage with Flexi PhonePill was that the teachers corrected me more than I have ever been corrected before. Not just by giving me or emailing me a list of my mistakes. They do it in the moment. Right there, right then. And they have a specific correction methodology that works!

My expectation was to be doing just “English Conversation classes” and I had another surprise. Yes, we spoke and we had conversations. But there was clearly a methodology with Flexi PhonePill that focuses on new language, on using language I know but that I don’t use; correcting me and encouraging me. We didn’t just chat about the weekend, the news, football or places to go for a holiday!

The teachers were friendly and the really big surprise was that the human connection by telephone was much, much easier and better than I had expected, without losing the pedagogical rigour that I like.

I also had the possibility to change teacher or to keep the same teacher. More surprising is the possibility to ask not to be scheduled with a particular teacher! No problem at all and nobody is offended!

So, to sum up:

With Flexi PhonePill, I can take sessions when I want, with teachers who will correct me and I can choose the support materials from a huge variety of video, audio and written online resources. Or I can provide my own material. For example, following those 18 months of focus, I take maintenance sessions once or twice a week, working with the online resources. To be really ready for this week’s conference call, I took one session of 40 minutes every day for a week to get my presentation just right. So, as you could hear, I was in top gear when the other two guys were in first or second gear.

I choose the session length that I want: 20, 30, 40 or 60 minutes. I can do the session from anywhere: office, home, hotel, car, even from the beach, like I did last summer for a week.

The bottom line is that Flexi PhonePill methodology, corrections, focused content, professional and friendly teaching, coupled with my own focus and personal preparation have made more difference in 18 months than all the “studying” I did for 15 years.

Last week, I finished a really tough meeting and at the end my boss asked to stay for quick chat. I was a bit nervous to be honest, but surprised and really relieved when he commented on how much better my English was compared with his first impressions, how my explanations presentations were so much easier to follow and clearer.

I know that now I can correctly use and understand words my colleagues were using frequently; unfamiliar words from the world of banking and markets, such as tumble, slump, halt, lingering, overshadow, offset, linger, slide…

So, yes. I’m very happy with my English now!”

Fact sheets

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