English in 3 months?

Unconsciously, we sometimes hope to find an easy or quick way to improve our English. As with so many things, success is in our own hands. But success almost always requires effort and perseverance.

Here are a few thoughts to help you think more about the destination rather than the journey when working on your English:

Modern gyms are designed, decorated, equipped and organized to make it as easy as possible for enthusiasts to “do their thing”.

Some subscribers to gyms either don’t go or go there for diverse reasons: to feel good, to meet other people, to get out of the house… but not to get up a sweat. They don’t really engage and do the physical training activities. They don’t make much of an effort. They get poor results at best and mostly no results at all.

Language learning can often be the same. People go to classes ostensibly to learn English, but also for social reasons, to feel that they are doing something about an issue they know they need to address. Often they mistakenly believe that simply speaking or studying grammar will help them to improve. Sadly, it’s not really like that.

Some people go to the gym and walk around casually or start reading or speaking with trainers about different types of exercise, how to do them or which machines to use and how they work. No doubt they spend a pleasant and interesting half hour or hour, but nothing will happen for that 6 pack they so want.

The people with the 6 packs have focused on “doing” exercises that stretch them.

So it is with learning to speak and progress in English. PhonePill and Speakingym are all about making it easy for you to learn and practice English via a range of speaking exercises, dialogues and structured conversations in a fun, friendly and pleasant way, that make you “sweat”. The exercises build your fluency, build your confidence, build your vocabulary, extend the range of structures you can use in the right way and at the right time. They anchor what you have studied but not assimilated and don’t really own.

Most conversation classes are “sin esfuerzo y sin resultado!” Effortless – Resultless

Here are the main things you need to do to make progress in speaking and understanding:

  • Focus on the end result that you want to achieve. Parts of the journey to get there will be fun and other parts will be… well, hard work! Keep your eye on the destination.
  • Have as much fun as you can, laugh with your teacher.
    • But make the difference between chatting, being entertained and doing what you need to do to make real progress, i.e. use new vocabulary, become fluent with new structures, to understand different accents, fast speakers!
  • Listen actively to short audio tracks: 1 to 2 minutes long.
    • Trying to improve by watching TV series, films, documentaries etc. is inefficient, unrealistic and close to impossible for more than 90% of people
  • Listen to the same 2 or 3 tracks multiple times.
    • Repeat the words and phrases that escape you the first 2 or 3 times in a loud voice.
  • Do the listenings in 5 or more sessions of 5 to 10 minutes each week.
    • Do this sometimes in focused, dedicated sessions. Other times, listen while you are doing something else. Every day is best.
  • Occasionally read the transcript of the tracks.
    • Read slowly. Focus on your breathing, pronunciation and intonation.
    • Read and re-read the same text a minimum of 10 times in a loud voice. Yes, in a loud voice.