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Many of us have to make presentations in our jobs. Very frequently we do so without too much help or preparation with respect to structure and techniques. We are usually too focused on the content, which is a mistake. As well as the content, you need structure and techniques.

Below, you will see a 10 year old make a polished presentation that would be the envy of many adults. He is following a structure and using proven techniques.

He has been shown a template and then he has applied it. He wrote down exactly what he was going to say. He rehearsed and he was coached. The result is his amazing presentation!


Here are the main elements his presentation contains:

  • An icebreaking joke
  • A clear introduction to why he is speaking
  • A clear, short summary
  • A motivational message
  • He tells a story

If a 10 year old can learn presentation techniques and make such good use of them imagine what you as a grown up can accomplish with our workshop.

The workshop is very well structured. The interaction between the participants and the teacher is very useful. The constant practice forced me to practice what I need to do! Also, I liked the fact that Albert adapts our personal experiences to the content of the course.
Jose Javier L. Air Products


People who do business with colleagues, clients or business partners in meetings or conventions. Typical participants are; marketing managers, finance managers, general managers, project or product managers, sales professionals, scientists and technicians, human resources professionals, IT managers and purchasing teams.

Workshops are targeted at professionals with low to intermediate levels or intermediate to high levels of English. Group size up to 10 people.


Now is a good time for you to learn or improve on your essential business communication skills: dynamic presentations, negotiations, selling. Improve your confidence and practical ability to:

  • present ideas
  • speak about projects
  • pass on information 

with clarity and impact in international business settings.


Brief didactic presentations, small group discussions, practice in role-plays, team exercises, language practice.

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