Web & conference call soft skills


When is your next web & conference call?
Let us help you to make it a much better one than your last one.

  • Do you feel uncomfortable, unsure? Do you fail to show your true abilities when you make an on-line presentation in English?
  • Do you feel inadequate, vulnerable, each time you have to present in English in these situations?
  • Do you worry about how to get past this difficult stage?

Yes? Well, you are not alone. Our innovative web and conference call sessions have helped many people just like you.

More than expected

Luisa from Air Products is making increasing numbers of presentations to her colleagues via web and conference calls. She knew that she needed to feel more secure in herself in order to have more impact and influence.

Here's what she said after the program:

I’ve been making conference calls and online presentations for a few years now. When I was offered this course I wasn’t too sure that I would learn very much. I just wanted to practice my English. Well, I have to say that I really enjoyed the course and that my web conferencing skills are much improved; both in English and in Spanish.

The exercises were great and we were encouraged to participate. Practising interruptions, leading conversations, practising voice energy… have all made me feel so much more confident and effective.

Luisa M. Air Products


Non-native English speakers who need to perform with greater effect and efficiency when making presentations in conference call meetings held in English.


We aim to give delegates the confidence and practical ability to break out of their current level of uncertainty and discomfort so that they can make on-line presentations more easily, more persuasively and more effectively.

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Content and methodology

We simulate a conference call that is led by an experienced moderator and coach. Business topics with role plays, simulating presentations. Participants will learn how to use 3 online meeting tools to make their presentations more dynamic and interactive. The coach will suggest presentation structures and ways to organise the presentation. There will be a strong focus on typical expressions and vocabulary to help improve the participant’s ability to communicate effectively during conference calls and online presentations. Coaching on diction and voice.

  • Practice making presentations. Leave the fear behind.
  • Eliminate some common mistakes typically made by non-English speakers.
  • Active participation is required. Learning is by doing. Results are immediate and can be transferred to your business workplace the very next day.

Satisfied clients from companies such as Air Products, Procter & Gamble, Accenture, Coty, Novartis, Bayer, Siemens, Syngenta, Henkel, Bacardi, Vueling Airlines... have benefitted from the move to telephone and internet based learning through our programs.


Via telephone conference call and web conference (Adobe Connect or similar)


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